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                                                                   Sept. 8, 2004

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Project VOTE: Go to the polls, fly Old Glory on election days


GREEN BAY – A local group working to increase voter turnout is urging citizens to show their patriotism in more ways then one on election days.

Project VOTE (Voice of the Electorate) is encouraging citizens of Brown County not only to vote in upcoming elections, but to fly the American flag as a reminder of the importance of voting in our democratic system of government.

The group is asking citizens to fly the flag Tuesday, Sept. 14, the date of the primary election, and Tuesday, Nov. 2, the date of the general election.

Project VOTE co-chairs Glen Tilot and Jim Morrison said flying Old Glory on election days will serve as a reminder of one of the key rights of American citizenship. But citizens also should exercise that right, which many have sacrificed to preserve, they said.

“Let’s dress up the community in red, white and blue to highlight voting as a way of showing our patriotism,” Tilot said.

Morrison added, “Fly the flag and then go to the polls to show we don’t take one of our most cherished rights for granted.”

Morrison and Tilot said voting provides citizens with an opportunity to have influence on issues that affect the quality of life in the community and across the country.

Project VOTE also is reminding voters that the Sept. 14 primary election will feature some important races for state and national office, including contests for the state Legislature and U.S. Senate.

The Sept. 14 primary will determine each political party’s candidates in the Nov. 2 general election. Primary voters may vote for candidates of only one political party.  If a voter casts votes for candidates of more than one party, none of that person’s votes will be counted.

Project VOTE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has been working since spring 2002 to increase voter turnout in Brown County. The issue-neutral group also encourages candidates to run clean campaigns based on their ideas and visions for the future.

Other Project VOTE efforts this fall will include candidate forums and competition among municipalities throughout the county for the highest voter turnout. The village of Hobart is the defending champion.

Anyone interested in helping Project VOTE should contact the organization at (920) 490-7300. Tax-deductible donations can be accepted to promote Project VOTE through the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation.

More information about Project VOTE and its efforts to increase voter turnout is available online at