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Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006

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Denmark awarded Project VOTE Voter Challenge trophy


GREEN BAY – Project VOTE today awarded its Voter Challenge trophy to the village of Denmark for having the highest voter turnout percentage in Brown County in the Tuesday, Nov. 7 election.

Denmark led the county’s municipalities Nov. 7 with a turnout of 86.6 percent. The percentage is based on the number of registered voters in the municipality.

Project VOTE presented the Voter Challenge traveling trophy to Denmark Village President Bob Goral at a news conference today at Green Bay City Hall. It marked the first time Denmark has won the Voter Challenge competition. The village will keep the trophy at least until the April 2007 general election.

Project VOTE (Voice of the Electorate) is a local nonpartisan group working to increase voter turnout and awareness in Brown County. The group organized the Voter Challenge in 2004 as a competition among Brown County municipalities to encourage voters to go to the polls – and to add some friendly competition and fun to the election.

Glen Tilot and Jim Morrison, co-chairs of Project VOTE, congratulated the voters of Denmark for winning the Voter Challenge.

“The voters of Denmark showed they take their civic responsibility very seriously,” they said. “With a turnout of more than 86 percent, they set an impressive example for the rest of the county.”

The town of Rockland was the runner-up with a turnout of 80.8 percent of its registered voters.

Denmark took possession of the trophy from the village of Allouez, which won the competition in the 2006 spring election. The villages of Hobart and Howard also are recent winners of the award.

Tilot and Morrison commended voters across Brown County for the strong turnout in the Nov. 7 election.

In addition to the Voter Challenge, Project VOTE’s efforts include candidate forums, public service announcements, news releases, billboards, and yard signs. To learn more about Project VOTE, visit the group’s Web site at